COMMUNIQUE – response to the intervention of the Urban Police at the self-managed Social Center LA NAVE ESPACIAL, BARCELONA

Foto: Javi Sánchez

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LA NAVE ESPACIAL  is  self-run Artistic Social Center that for the last five years has offered a free space for circus, music, theater and dance creation. Over the years we have successfully developed free workshops, cabarets, musical showcases, projections, expositions, family days and festivals (PobreNou, now in its fourth year).

On 01/06/2013 between 1:30 and 4:30am la Nave  has experienced  an urban police intervention, that we consider excessive and political, which ended in confiscation of all sound equipment, musical instruments and the light board. The amount of fine is yet to be found out.
Officials allegedly came after calls by neighbors due to night disturbances caused by LA NAVE and assuming that there was a clandestine party underway.

It was for the first time in 5 years of smooth operation of our center and numerous cultural events organized (cabarets, concerts, festivals), that such police intervention takes place: as radical, non-negotiable, though unjust and even though without any prior notice notice, so punitive.

The collective of LA NAVE and all bystanders in good faith cooperated peacefully and without resistance during this puzzling operation, however it is clear that officers used excessive means and acted without a warrant.

That night at 21:00 the art show was taking place (“Varietetas 2 presents: Alma) which ended at 23:00 and was followed by a spontaneous concert with acoustic instruments and due to respect for neighbors without use of any amplifiers.
LA NAVE  is not a place for raves, clandestine parties but for cultural and artistic activities open to all, that coexists harmoniously with neighbors who attend our shows and activities.
The guards decided to ignore the fact that long-term functioning of LA NAVE  is based on a verbal agreement with Barcelona City Council and the building owner.

After 5 years of successful and non-conflictive activity of LA NAVE, we see this unprecedented intervention as a way of political provocation and intimidation of both our collective and the public. That just happens to coincide with recent trial and planned eviction, in which we demonstrated the willingness to voluntarily cooperate and respect the expected eviction order, simply asking for more time to transport our materials and we are still awaiting the judge’s decision with respect to that.

We ask for support of our friends, users, sympathizers and neighbors to come to our last cabaret today (02/06/2013) at 20:00 as a sign of solidarity.

We ask for circulation of this news to make public repression and excessive punitive force used. We defend the rights and dignity of artists and users of LA NAVE and their freedom to enjoy the time left until the eviction.

We call for presence of press and media in our last cabaret tonight and request duly continuous  follow-up of this eviction process, as it becomes a threat to well-being of the members of the collective and civic freedom in general. We have been advised by police officials that such interventions shall reoccur.

We ask for presence and assistance of all people to help with photography and recording.

We ask our audience for peaceful, solidary and non-threatening behavior, to not allow any provocation.

Artistic Collective LA NAVE ESPACIAL, Barcelona

Foto: Debora Elyasy

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